Monday, 13 April 2015

No Heart Is Lost

'I ne'er felt more a spare part,
a wayfaring tramp, a pendulant stray,
nor for all the world a lonesome heart,
than e'er I did on Valentines Day.'

The 3rd Volume of Poetry by poet and digital artist Richard Michael Parker, explores the often dark subject matter of 'love lost'.

"Let light shine out of darkness"


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Saturday, 29 March 2014



The opalescence of your eyes,
shimmers in Novembers pale sun,
and all the world is stolen,
still, in the glint of this silver thread,
woven between us.

The tethered serenade of a nightingale,
swims through the midnight branches,
an overhang of tenderness,
a canopy of moonlight,
dancing amongst the shadows,
the dipping lip,
creased in languid motions,
the teasing oceans of your warm breath,
swept upon the somnolence of this summers breeze.

How solemn the death.
The madness and insanity,
the shattered revelry,
broken in the crepuscular awakening
of this suns shrill call.

How fateful the fall of that larks sweet note,
the swollen throat of the broaching dawn.

And still... I love you still,
though all the sea's lay between us,
and time jealously guard our secret.

I close my eyes, and in that instant,
your summer moon invades the winter snows,
and all the frozen world about,
cannot keep me out of paradise.
The warmth of your touch,
an oasis of moonlight,
stark, against the harsh sun of reality.

And still... I love you still,
and being still, you are with me.

© Richard Michael Parker 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014

The Kiss

The Kiss

'The Kiss' is the second volume of poetry by the internationally renowned poet and digital artist Richard Michael Parker. This work is specifically collated for lovers the world round, with 40 delicate and sensitive romantic poems, and digital works of art specifically created for this volume of poetry. Richards first volume was received with critical acclaim, and the timing of this work for Valentines Day is particularly apt, as the work is full of romantic poems that both come from the heart and touch the heart in equal measure. Eros touches us all with his arrows, and the universal nature of romantic love makes this volume of poetry particularly poignant in a world that increasingly grows closer, recognizing those qualities of human character that unite and define us. These works remind us that those defining qualities are often deeply sensitive and though they be intensely personal, still there is a universal understanding that we are all subject to the arrows of love, no matter where we are or what the difference of our circumstance. Perhaps Richard says it best, and so I shall once again, leave him the last word:

'We are mortals in frail skins, but we have immortality within, it flows through every vesicle and vein, whenever we are in the mesmeric grip of that dazzling cherubim, and it is as well to remember those first heady moments whenever doubt, or the deceit of manipulating minds, calls with the card of forgetfulness. Never forget, always remember, Love glows anew, when you blow on it's ember.' - Richard Michael Parker

This Book is Available for Kindle from Amazon

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Love is a Gift

'Love Is A Gift' is the first volume of poetry by the renowned poet Richard Michael Parker. He has been a voice for many years on the internet, and his particular artistic gifts have been noted with such collaborative works with well known artists around the world, such as Leonid Afremov, Carola E. Thiele, and Lorraine Sumners, to name but a few. This eagerly awaited volume of poetry is accompanied by 28 sumptuous digital artworks, created specifically for this book. The artwork is of a singular subject, taken over a period of three years, in various conditions and weathers and is indicative of the changeable nature of love, where the aspect may change but not the essence.

'Love is a gift, unwrapped in the giving, a revelation without demand, a sweet intoxication of the spirit, infused with the perfume of its tenderness.' - Richard Michael Parker

Available for Kindle and also for Apple products, from Smashwords, with downloads available for most portable devices.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Crucible of Love

The Crucible of Love

The Lord of swiftness comes!
seated upon the dulcet silence of the rainbow,
and every naked shower that broke,
in the belly of the tumult, eased again,
clothed in the fading clouds of the thunderbolt.

How ragged the teeth, the jagged edge of death,
that sweeps across the plain of loves devoured halo.
How quickly it is rent, in the might of the foment,
while every supplicant, illumed, is swallowed below.

For ever has it been the truth, that love abides no chain,
nor bond, nor broken vow, nor frightened heart, nor shame.
In formless might, it renders all control, conceit,
to toss in fright, chaotic light, into the flame, deceit.

'Too late', I thought, 'Too late! we wait an age,
and so it seemed all hell had ascended.
Departing calm, defriended, no balm to ease love ended.
I heard the willow whisper in soothing tones,
in the midst of the yawning chasm of that fiery breech,
and it was, as if, in moonlit speech,
it soothed the tempests rage that burnt my breast,
'Come rest' she said, in silent arms,
to know that loves bequest is tranquil in it's gift.
All slag burnt away, the inconsequential waste,
tossed upon the pyre, the holy alters light,
of loves devouring fire.

'It is only fear, burnt from out the crucible of love,
that tears the soul in twain; It is only pride,
severed in the rage, tossed into the flame,
that sweeps away the thunderbolt and rain.'

How sweet the first sup of air, when smelted wroth,
departs, stripping away all doubt and fear.
How bright the dawn from out the dark well of night,
the furies hour, leaving only the intimate truth.

Redoubled, the bond made brighter, Loves herald,
seated in wing'd chariot, to descend upon each tormented lover.
Joyous contentedness, effortlessly slips between the remnants,
the salvaged sentiments, poured in mellifluous strains
through the harp strings, the heavenly reigns, held sweetly.

The Lord of swiftness comes!
seated upon the dulcet silence of the rainbow!
Loves tranquil sun, rising upon the ashes of the shadow.

© Richard Michael Parker 2014


Friday, 3 January 2014

Sweet Surrender

-Sweet Surrender-

And if all the world resolved,
to change the loving heart,
to maim the union that bore it's breast,
and burst upon the living land, would it rest?
Could it turn the torment of the distance,
For even one second into something other than what it is?
Love, incalculable, incorruptible love,
the fire in our veins, the molten core of desolation!
When all the walls we stoutly built,
between the object and our doubt,
have finally been erected,
do you still believe they will stand?
That they could ever have forestalled this Titans roar!
this fury! What hubris! the proud mind,
useless before the foments fiery breach,
a fools fortress on the soil of some foreign land!
Even proud Apollo,
luminescent upon his bright ray of dawn,
could not forestall loves glory.
Though he build a universe to divide it,
still the weft and the warp measure the weave!
Even He! of such empyreal majesty,
bows before the cherubs wing.
What then of we? Mortal beings!
Who vainly believe we control our destiny!
What hubris destroys the tower?
The triumphant hour,
when every brick is smashed before the great amour,
crashed upon the floor.
And for what?
Our choice is but to lament,
or in humility, all resistance spent,
sing! Surrender! Sweet Surrender!
Surrender, the vulnerable truth,
the tender mercy of mortal youth!
Surrender, or fall...
the fateful choice of lovers, all.

© Richard Michael Parker 2014

Artwork: Artist Unknown

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winters Cool Flame

-Winters Cool Flame-

Winters cool flame,
melts the frozen heart,
the effulgence of snapping tongues,
licking at the stars,
an endless swirl, a giddy dance,
suckled in the presence of our God.
For love is the whole of the law.

Inhale the fragrance,
the heady residue of pollinated musk,
slick between the petals of fire.
Red velvet in your hand;
The frozen land,
melting to the warmth of your touch.

The sallow hearth,
rekindled in the depths at last...
An incandescence of desire,
tossed, like all those past regrets,
upon the glowing embers of this pyre,
consumed within the licking flame,
the holy fire, the screaming of your name.

And out that darkened frigid womb,
the sacred seed, from heat exhumed,
an ancient glow, renewed, reborn,
a risen sun, a golden dawn.

For even in the darkened depths,
the frozen land of past regrets,
Love calls your name.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

Photograph: Artist Unknown

Friday, 27 December 2013

-À La Carte-

-À La Carte-

Rest well your eyes,
greedily feeding and freed,
the disconsolate lies,
blindly needing,
desirously bleeding the seed.

No longer chained to the banquet table,
slipping between the sable seats;
The fabled goblet of unending wine,
suckled in the fire and the heat.
The tantalizing taste of each dread morsel,
quaffed in a bevy of lascivity.

This licentious concoction imbibed,
a boudoir buffet, the best of selections,
served À la carte, each heart filled projection,
crushed between the palette and the tongue,
far flung, upon the soulful pyre,
the solemn bell, wrung, with every lamb,
slaughtered upon the alter of desire.

Unhaltered greed,
the famished hole, the fleshly treat,
discarding the greens eating only the meat.
The sickly sweet cake of unending frosting,
churning, endlessly yearning for a substance
that will never come.

The flippant and fripperous wave,
the obsolete depths, an intimacy betrayed,
upon the wavelets of a passing shore.
What more could a dolphin crave?
Suckled upon the surface of things.

Too far this sea, this ocean deep,
that swells the fathoms bell far below me.
Too far, too fleeting it's call.

When all the world lay beneath your fingertips,
supped upon some foreign lips,
sucked into the void of thrusting hips,
this oceans swell became a puddle, a pool,
a shallow hell, born lightly, schooled,
in the absence of faith.

Even in the silent hour, I hear your voice,
the shower of your bright body, tossed,
every choice, lost, in the foment of desire,
every cost, has its price.

Rest well your eyes,
greedily feeding and freed,
the disconsolate lies,
blindly needing,
desirously bleeding the seed.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas

-Minuit Chrétiens-

Minuit, chrétiens, c'est l'heure solennelle,
Où l'Homme Dieu descendit jusqu'à nous
Pour effacer la tache originelle
Et de Son Père arrêter le courroux.
Le monde entier tressaille d'espérance
En cette nuit qui lui donne un Sauveur.

Peuple à genoux, attends ta délivrance.
Noël, Noël, voici le Rédempteur,
Noël, Noël, voici le Rédempteur!

De notre foi que la lumière ardente
Nous guide tous au berceau de l'Enfant,
Comme autrefois une étoile brillante
Y conduisit les chefs de l'Orient.
Le Roi des rois naît dans une humble crèche:
Puissants du jour, fiers de votre grandeur,

A votre orgueil, c'est de là que Dieu prêche.
Courbez vos fronts devant le Rédempteur.
Courbez vos fronts devant le Rédempteur.

Le Rédempteur a brisé toute entrave:
La terre est libre, et le ciel est ouvert.
Il voit un frère où n'était qu'un esclave,
L'amour unit ceux qu'enchaînait le fer.
Qui lui dira notre reconnaissance,
C'est pour nous tous qu'il naît, qu'il souffre et meurt.

Peuple debout! Chante ta délivrance,
Noël, Noël, chantons le Rédempteur,
Noël, Noël, chantons le Rédempteur!

- Placide Cappeau ( 1808--1877 )

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A New Home

-A New Home-

I have crossed the world for you...
the vast reaches of time,
only to be with you,
only to form this soul anew.
I have brushed off the darkest spaces,
thrown out the past...
the useless moments and endless stains,
cleansed and waiting only for your touch.
No spot has remained.
No shadow unmoved remains to haunt us.
Endlessly, tirelessly I have worked,
to ready this heart for the knock,
to greet you at the door,
and welcome you home.
To live together as one,
to love in this place,
the warmth and joy of the welcomed space.
Filled with the bright light of loves sweet summer,
Invading each window, a crystal sheen,
spotlessly cleaned.
The hanging frames of windows,
shining in their luminescence.
A rainbow of hope and promise,
entwined and kissed upon the threshold.
I love you with all that I am,
all that I will ever be.
Know that without you,
this space is but a barren shell, a house,
but you my love, have made this soul,
a home.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013